I will utilize this page to connect with local friends by posting my schedule if I go to parks with address and times. It will provide opportunity to others to join me if they are free in that time window.

Spent 30 minutes in Park, soaked Sun and bird watching Wednesday Morning

Updates for March 27, 2024  Wednesday walk

updated March 26,2024 at 9:30AM

March 27, 2024  Wednesday 10:30AM - 11:00AM

Millcreek Ravine South

or any of  Friends can change my plans by showing up at 10:30AM Sharp

offer ride or get ride with me share your preferences to explore whatever you may like. Map here below this text

Updates for Monday 

posted on March 23,2024

Monday  March 25,2024


10:30 AM Long & McQuade Musical Instruments 

9219 28 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6N 1N1 

Anyone can meet me here to plan rest of the day for any leisure activity that we mutually agree on

Updated march 25,2023 11:45 AM

I went to long and McQuade  at 10:15 AM

I wait in the parking till 10:40 AM

Nobody showed up ,I became impatient and went inside store just to explore then brought audio cables.

That is it, if one of my friends would have  showed then it could have been totally different day and I would not have come back home.