Basics of Life

When we talk about basics of life, we talk about necessities and other thing like what we do why we do that etc.

Remaining on the focus of this post, we all work and do jobs. Why we do that??

I have learned from philosophers that we work due to only four motivations.

I have rejected bottom two reasons many times in my life. I can not work under fear at all. Of course, I need material things in life, but not greed of material can motivate me. I can be satisfied with old car rather than top brand car.

Love and passion remains two motivation factors that made me work hard throughout my life.

The lengths I can go because of love can never be defined, and I can stop working for decades if my love is taken away from me.

For real love, you can not expect me to run after. 

I expect the people who love will reach out to me by themselves.

Of course, I must try to reach people I love but to certain limits, to certain extent. I expect they can approach me with full confidence, but I do not need to chase them all the times.