Structure of Modern Society

I am recording this Video in The English language because this is intended for a wide range of audiences. This video is about the social structure of modern society. We all know if we have five, six friends or relatives, they have been divided into subgroups with political motives. There is division of caste, religion, race, language, geographical boundaries, and gender. All these divisions are created intentionally. You are talking about helping others, you can not help someone if there is no trust. If people are divided into subgroups. How can you build trust between them? I can give my example, why I am not interested to join a group. The answer is, because I have fear of losing individual relationships. And it is not just fear, I isolated myself from society because of this root cause. My all relatives were divided into subgroups by immigration agents. They broke our communication intentionally because they wanted to strip them financially. I told my relatives either stay in Punjab or stay in India or if you want to immigrate choose a proper route, because they will provide you incomplete information and strip you financially later. They intentionally broke our communication, telling them your relative do not want you to go to Canada.Why I am telling this again? Because nobody acknowledged.

Why I talk about the past? because the present is no different. All the problems are past are not addressed in the present. They are still standing there. I connected to one person very deeply in five six months. That person was suddenly pulled away from me. I did not know why and where the person is. That communication gap was exploited to introduce to the second person. Now again I like to connect with people, I connected to the second person too. But you know each individual is different, the depth of relationship is also different. You can always have new relationships, but they are not the replacement of previous relationship. I connect on individual level on personal level. To connnect with any group I must connect few friends. Connecting to a group could be the second step. But I can not connect to a group unless I am connected ten twenty locals to whom I can talk, I can discuss. Since I can not discuss with anybody I am not supporting any group ,I am not joining any group.

This should be clear, the reason is clear I have noone to talk no one to discuss. The incomplete information and lack of knowledge that comes from discussion. I can not contribute to the society. You can not expect me to contribute to the society if I have not a immediate circle, who broke that circle you know that well. Why it is necessary to push into a well then offer a hand to pull out. Please reflect on that. Why I am saying that ? I asked question that are valid and I did not get any valid answer. According to the law of Canada, law of Alberta, I deserve that answers, because you can not do that under the law of Canada, Law of Alberta but you did that.

If you wanted me on the other field, you should have discussed ,convinced me I would have followed that. If you wanted me to shift from one profession to another, you should have discussed with me. You can not close the gates of the first profession without telling me without answering my questions. It has not happened only once, the system has blocked my natural flow twenty times. Every time I started something they put intentional blocks with the power of authority without explaining the reason, without telling under which law it was done. So if you want to help the discussion is the only way. You can not help by indirect communication, because I have no trust and I can not act on incomplete information. You have to discuss, especially people who are in the system in municipal government and provincial government. They must find some middleman if they can not do it themselves. It needs a discussion. Now I can not even goto their location because I have no interest. First I was willing to go out and discsuss it on the table. Now I want it on public place or my home, because I can not trust them. I can not go anywhere, wherever I went they levelled me as a tresspasser. Why would I goto any business if I can not trust them.

Once I connect to a person, if that person want to go out of my life the final meeting is necessary, final discuss is must. Otherwise I will keep waiting for the rest of my life until I talk to the person directly. And why I am not trying to build new relationships? Once you put your time,energy and intentions on one relationship. Then you pulled them apart. I am not willing to do that again ,is that clear? If you relay want to help me or utilize my skills time and energy in a constructive manner, then you have you have to talk directly to me.There is no other way. It was there two years ago but now I have no trust at all because everytime I went out you misrepresented me very badly. So I am not politically aligned to any of the groups, or any other religiou,social whatver. My first need is to connect with ten twenty locals persons to whom I can talk and discuss. I must have access to them and talk to them. The first step is to connect on personal level the second step could be anything you want. You never understand my needs. I do not like to talk to those professional who trained to sell products and marketing. All they do is sell products nothing else. They are taught to throw sugar coated words without any intent, without any feeling, without any concern.They are trained to sell products even if those products are harmful to the customers. I am not saying all the professional are like that. Most of the professionals are just professional they are not even human beings. They are jsut earning money on the sake od others finaciall troubles. So please if you really intend to help me do it in a direct way.