चेहरा क्या देखते हो दिल में उतर कर देखो ना

Why are you looking at my face dive into my heart and see yourself

Hi Friends!

My name is Amrik Khabra. I moved to new places in a few times in my life. Most of my friends moved to Canada & USA, I have very few friends in my current city.

This website is all about connecting with friends. The idea to create Heartbook.ca came from the fact that individuals feel socially disconnected. Let us connect on a deeper level by sharing our thoughts and opinion. Let us express our souls without any fear.

Being Canadian, I prefer registering "ca" domains and believe it is safer to have a Canadian domain.

Let us connect and share the emotions of our hearts, leaving all fears behind. As heart and soul are a more important part of human existence. I believe the body is merely a container, the real content is the heart and soul.