चेहरा क्या देखते हो दिल में उतर कर देखो ना

Why are you looking at my face dive into my heart and see yourself

Why one should spend their valuable time browsing this site ?

Ans.  Whatever I experience as a human, I share my experience's as it is with readers. They may feel it relevant and see some reflections that we have in common as a human beings. I went through many ups and downs and tough times. When I was not feeling good about my life, I was searching for reasons. I found two reasons that made me feel that way.

What are benefits browsing this website ?

This website does not claim as a life coach, it helps you reflect as an individual and talk to your mirror image. When you will reflect, you will know yourself better and prioritize what is more important to you rather than following the directionless crowd.

Material competition is not helpful if you do not enjoy your life and make choices what you really like. Doing stuff that you like makes a big difference in health and overall well being.

The structure of this website

This website has pages - A brief information how these pages are related to the two reasons I answered in the beginning.

Home,  Health,  Poetry,  My Story,  Blog

Poetry has three sub pages - Hindi Poetry, Punjabi Poetry, English Poetry.

The role of all forms of art including Poetry and Music is to express yourself in your own way without competing with others. Remember I mentioned express those deep buried emotions and related thoughts. It is not necessary to express through poetry and music. If you try to read what others wrote you may find relevance and get motivated to pen down something for yourself or choose different aproach that works for you.

Hi Friends!

My name is Amrik Khabra. I moved to new places in a few times in my life. Most of my friends moved to Canada & USA, I have very few friends in my current city.

This website is all about connecting with friends. The idea to create Heartbook.ca came from the fact that individuals feel socially disconnected. Let us connect on a deeper level by sharing our thoughts and opinion. Let us express our souls without any fear.

Being Canadian, I prefer registering "ca" domains and believe it is safer to have a Canadian domain.

Let us connect and share the emotions of our hearts, leaving all fears behind. As heart and soul are a more important part of human existence. I believe the body is merely a container, the real content is the heart and soul.

When I changed my appearance, I gave it enough time, thought  and in depth analysis

Personal ego versus collective ego (Collective ego means here => religion ,Caste ,Language, Geographical boundaries)

Now I am an individual who do not represent any religion, any caste , any language or any geographical boundaries.

I identify myself as a human who can feel similar emotions that other human can feel.

The ground reality is  we sell humans for business profit and political benefits and claim we are advocate of human rights.

What a shame to claim that when we sell humans for profit and political benefits.

You are free to define your boundaries based on gender, caste , religion but I will not be part of that bullshit.

I like Gandhi's idea of non-violence because violence is countered with more violence and it never results in peace.

The road of staying peaceful after taking all injustice on self is not an easy road. But it is more effective to present your ideology by staying peaceful and calm.