Choosing Field of Study or Work

Choosing field of study or work

This is just an opinion. You can agree or reject after reading and reflecting on the subject.

I believe we must talk to the person in the mirror and recognize our basic skills, abilities and traits.

After recognizing our skill set,  we must see positive and negatives of the field of study or work. 

Please allow me quote few examples without any bias.

Insurance - If  we decide to work in this field that it is marketing and networking job . We need to meet sale targets and new clients to keep going.

Driver - It is a good job to earn a living and keep ourselves active, but we may need to work out of town or drive for weeks away from home.

Construction jobs - These are physically demanding jobs, and we may have to work outside in all weather conditions.

Manufacturing or assembling - This is a shop environment  and inside job most of the time.

Television and media - This is a good job if a person of few years of practical experience.

What I believe, every human have some fixed number of years on this earth to live. This time is a precious commodity. Everything we get in this world is by trading our time.

One third of our life is spent at the work, further it may include one to two hours of travel time.

If we feel good at work that 10 hours a day is lived and enjoyed, and if we do not like our work this one third of our life gets wasted and just used to pay our bills, not lived, not enjoyed.

I strongly recommend you can do few survival jobs, but your aim should be always be to  follow your field of study, and the field you are expert of the subject.

I have done many survival jobs . I can mention a few, I worked as a security guard, packed plastic bottles at manufacturing plant at Leduc, worked as plumber helper, worked as an assembler at Sherwood Park through placement agency.

People will always tell you to change your aim but you must stick to your own analysis and observations.

You can always consult others and if you are convinced and your inner child agrees with it fine go with that. 

Remember one thing, You are only answerable to one person in this world , "The person in the Mirror"