English Poetry

I can only understand loud and clear

My inability to listen to the whisper.

One thing I can say for sure

My love for you, is natural pure.

Uncertain my life, don't know what next

If you can change my life, shoot me a text

In love matters, I am bit slow

Take me with you ,or let it go

----- Amrik Khabra

Hello my new friend I will like to see you in next week .Try communicating somehow we will write some poetry or go walk walk in river valley

Open poetry of the day

Water is water in its purest natural form.

It is beyond the identifications of containers.

Water flows with time under the laws of nature

free from bosses and masters

Why jealous if it quenches thirst of all 

that comes in its path without differentiating.

Water , its nature, It's flow with time.

Water is water, it quenches thirst without differences

It has nothing to do with container,

Water obey rules of nature, not a boss with stick in his hands.

Where are my friends who shares water sign with me

are they flowing in sync with nature

are they comfortable in natures rules 

I pray for them even if I am not religious

What do I feel, what can I say

Every person I loved, they took them away

Wherever you are, must stay happy

I can't hug you, I just can pray

Wrote March 29,2024  12 midnight 

Edited April 07,2024 and composed Music Notations

and I wrote something in your memory

Let us hum together

Lyrics Composition and Instrumental mix - Amrik Khabra

why are you that far come here

hug me, kiss me, love me  dear


don't know why I feel so good

when I find that you are near

why are you that far come here

hug me, kiss me, love me  dear


Your love is enough to make me sing

I  don't need whisky, wine or beer

why are you that far come here

hug me, kiss me, love me  dear


time flies so fast when you are around

when you are far one week is a year

why are you that far come here

hug me, kiss me, love me  dear

All notes are picked from Kafi Thaat with little modification

March 23,2023  8:33PM

I still need a pen friend

Why I used the word "Still" ??

because I am searching for one for the last 4 years.

I found one few years ago but that did not replied back and suddenly disappeared without informing me.

Prefered  one is one of the water signs  Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio 

I believe water signs feel deeper emotions and have skills of expressing it in creative ways

Yes yes yes

I am a beautiful mess

you can come in

you can go out

you can love me

you can even shout

but I stay the same

recite one name

judge me, leave me, accept me

Love me, kick me, reject me

Why you want to change me to forget who I am

If you did not like me, why loved me then

you can leave it empty or you can reside

just one meeting then you decide

Live your life forget the age

Either we break it or accept the cage.

  -- Amrik Khabra

Translation of my Hindi Poetry

Poem : Description of a flower

I tried to describe the properties of a Flower

In many Languages

The beauty and fragrance remained the same

I wrote an Ant to the Elephant

But the size of the Elephant did not decreased

Then I wrote Elephant to an Ant

The size of the Ant remained the same

I wrote stone instead of Water

But water kept quenching the thirst

and kept flowing in cascades and rivers

Then I wrote mountain instead of Air

But air kept flowing singing through leaves

I lost in thoughts

What language Nature Speaks

“ Kudrat De Sabh Bande”

means All humans are

son and daughters of nature

I started finding meanings 

and intent instead of words. 

-- Amrik Khabra 


Where the world has taken us

Look where humanity has  arrived

Where you starve for a drop of Love

Love is jewel of the soul

Body is beautiful but withered without Love

Contribution of the body is definitely in making love

But without love the body is just a vessel, it is maya.

If love is in the heart, that is the real attraction

The one who attracts the body is Capital (material)

sit close and talk for four seconds

Heart is thirsty for your Love

It was very important to write this song

Won't hit the market I know

It has not sung by a celebrity

My heart has sung it

let's leave it and smile

Your given smiles are still outstanding (Remaining)

Amrik has stopped earning money

And rubbing his pen on paper

-- Amrik Khabra

How do  I, How do I know

What she expect

Do she want my love

or just want respect

I don't have a clue

if I go purpose

would she accept

I have a little fear too

what if she will reject 

--- Amrik Khabra

English Poetry wrote for Someone

Listen My Dear

Throw away your fear

Set your Soul Free

Feel my spirit standing next to you

Just like a huge tree

Come in my arms

I will cause no harms

To admire your beauty

I consider it my duty.

Thank you for being accessible

Do not worry about me too much

Cause I am invincible. 

----- Amrik Khabra

Translation of Punjabi self written poetry

Out of seven colors of nature

three got stolen

Please God protect me

You are the only support

The remaining four colors in my hand

Please give me insight to utilize them

How should I express pleasure and sorrows

and whose pleasure and sorrows I can write

writing after leaving career job

wasting papers by writing

why do you not write for money

people are surprised to know

I talk to the trees

You are just like me

Why don't you go to work

How you meet your needs

-- Amrik Khabra

Free Style English Poetry

Please Let me declare

That real love is rare.

But people don't care

I search here and there.

When real love shows

how it happened nobody knows.

Then calculations starts

Bills and grocery carts.

Money makes the mare go

I will leave an empty space

Money will not fill it though

Lived moments together are priceless

other moments just paid the bills

I can see the truth of life

Sitting on the top of hills.

We are conditioned 

forget formal traditions

Allow the heart and soul to speak

Don't mind let them call us freaks

We are the lucky ones

We had some real fun.

We have touched few hearts

Don't worry let them call us flirts.

I did not hurt anyone

in case of doubt you can come

Hug me, kick me, sit and talk

I am a songbird not a hawk.

---- Amrik Khabra

Let me sing, Let me sing

I am a simple person not a king

So let me sing , let me sing.

I can not afford a big mansion

It's OK , I have no tension.

Happy or sad, I am not mad.

In between I can swing.

let me sing, Let me sing.

I am not a good singer 

I am instrument with missing string

Your fingers, each with those rings

I don't dance with attached strings

Never mind never mind

I am butterfly not bee that stings

So let me sing ,let me sing.

---- Amrik Khabra


Raw thoughts to edit next day -- March 19,2024

Ok it is next day  let us edit these raw thoughts -lol

-- March 20,2024

I was travelling through desert 

for a long time.

Even water wasn't there

how to have a wine

a horizon with endless sands, 

walking directionless was only errands. 

after few moments of mirage 

found a stream of water in foreign lands.

deep but calm , having soothing waves

Quite but communicate by touching hands.

I keep staring  frozen,

then suddenly  fully present

I sat by the stream for few moments

saw reflection of moon crescent

I immersed my hands in her waters

touched few drops to my lips

thirst quenched , felt rejuvenated 

Desert  : arid land with usually sparse vegetation. especially : such land having a very warm climate and receiving less than 25 centimeters (10 inches) of sporadic rainfall annually. 2. : an area of water apparently devoid of life. 

These are just metaphysical questions

Why I am posting it in Poetry section?

Just because these thoughts are raw material to convert into poetry

I feel there are better poets than me who can take this raw thought 

and  weave them into beautiful poetry

I encourage my all readers to try with free spirit

I said that because I know  water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) have very good imagination , power of imagination that one can not imagine.

As a Pisces I can exactly feel few moments as happened in real life for many decades but not by the same amount (or length ) of time

Please get your pen and paper in free time whenever you have try compiling poetry or a Ghazal

Witness the passion and calmness at one place

feel  the deepest waters of the ocean

meet a restless but still full of life soul

immerse your hand in the waters 

and escape from the dimension of time

feel the non physical dimension of existence 

-- Amrik  birhada

Two lovers made love

They merged like water merges water

They met like breeze swirled through 

branches of a tree and kissed every leaf

rain drops touches the sand of desert

A river meets the ocean and renounce its identity

Yes they felt as one

-- Amrik Khabra  Feb. 23,2024