Happiness Vs Contentment

Before I express my thoughts I want to share definition as I found on Wikipedia. Sharing with credits

Source : Wikipedia

Happiness is a positive and pleasant emotion, ranging from contentment to intense joy. Moments of happiness may be triggered by positive life experiences or thoughts, but sometimes it may arise from no obvious cause. The level of happiness for longer periods of time is more strongly correlated with levels of life satisfaction, subjective well-being, flourishing and eudaimonia. In common usage, the word happy can be an appraisal of those measures themselves or as a shorthand for a "source" of happiness (for example, "find happiness in life" as in finding the meaning in life). As with any emotion, the precise definition of happiness has been a perennial debate in philosophy. 

Contentment is a state of being in which one is satisfied with their current situation, and the state of affairs in one’s life as they presently are. If one is content, they are pleased with their situation and how the elements in one’s life are situated. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to be content with one’s life regardless of the circumstance, regardless of whether things are going as one expected or not 

Now I would share my thoughts. If we define happiness as you wanted to meet some friend, it made you happy. Then a question arise why that happiness is short lived and you have a desire to meet again and again.

Does it means it only stays when you are with your friend ?

If so it is only only physical level not beyond that?

If this is statement of happiness that you get what you desire then this statement works for all humans.

In other words it is conditional happiness that vanishes when conditions are not met.

Should your happiness be dependent on others??

How will achieve Contentment that is even higher stage than Happiness?

I can not say physical presence does not matter because it definitely does.

All happiness that one gets from getting whatever one wants in terms of material is very short lived.

How many days one stay happy that comes from buying a new car or anything of similar nature??

Let us talk about a relationship that provides happiness. You met a person first time, second time, third time or more.

Does your relationship get deeper with every meeting to a level when you still smiles when the person is absent physically ?