Parks Time

This page is intended to share day to day information for Edmonton parks and bike routes.

I invite friends to join me starting Monday from  Muttart Conservatory  to Dawson Bridge walk. I believe slope is high on this route for cycle, but we can do if we want to. I will start at  10 AM  from Muttrat through George F Hustler Memorial Plaza to Dawson bridge and back. If you want to change schedule, please chat with me so we can join with friends.

Please always check for updates . Sometimes I upload the wrong map that is car route, not walk or cycle trails. Then I edit later so please check updates before you decide to join me.

Updated  September 28, 2023   

Walking or cycling, September 28, 2023

Updated  September 20, 2023   8:22 PM

Walking or cycling, September 21, 2023

10:00 AM  to  11:30 AM  Fort Edmonton to Keiller's Point

It is 6 kilometre up and down form Muttart Conservatory to Dawson Park  September 17,18

Hi Friends,  It was an open invitation to join me. Where were you guys? Should I update next time or just go by myself?